A Look Back At Our Second Event With Special Guest Houda Loukili 

During our second event, coaches, leaders and sports people from around the Globe joined us to hear the inspirational story of former Dutch Kickboxing Champion Houda Loukili as she shared her journey into sports leadership. 

Houda started her talk by encouraging all attendees to stand up and shadow box…just to make sure everyone was awake and ready to take part! Houda began her talk sharing her relationship with her sports mad Dad, and how she fell in love with sport and physical activity when she stepped into the fight gym for the first time.Houda was very honest about the challenges she faced, not only as the only girl in a male dominated gym, but also the judgement she received when she made the decision to train and fight in a Hijab. 

After sharing videos and photos of her fights, as well as her current work in encouraging girls to take part in sport, attendees had the opportunity to ask Houda questions about her advice, experience and tips for being a woman coach and leader.

“My start doesn’t say anything about my finish”

Lees hier meer over het evenement https://femalecoachingnetwork.com/2020/09/17/second-event-5th-october-2020/

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